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#16 fixed unnecessary & confusing variable in example 7.7 cf-conventions@… taylor13

In example 7.9 of the convention, the variable time_bounds appears but is not needed because the climatology_bounds are defined. Note that there is no "bounds" attribute pointing to time_bounds, so they aren't really illegal, but they are unnecessary and therefore might be confusing.

Recommend delighting time_bounds from the example.

#56 fixed typo in CF conventions doc cf-conventions@… eaton

In Appendix E. Cell Methods; the heading of the first column of Table E.1 is "cell_method". This heading uses the font convention that indicates it is the name of the attribute. But the name of the attribute is "cell_methods" and all other occurrences of this attribute in the document appear as cell_methods. This heading should be changed to read "cell_methods".

#110 invalid test new installation cf-conventions@… painter1

This is a test of the new Trac installation - sorry to bother you!

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