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#55 fixed specify that CF uses UDUNITS-2 cf-conventions@… jonathan

Unidata has released a new version of the udunits package, which fixes some problems in the original version. Although the units supported are very largely the same, CF should specify which version is the reference standard, since there are a few differences. Unidata deprecates the original version. Therefore version 2 should be the CF reference. This ticket proposes to clarify and update the CF standard by

  • Replacing all references to UDUNITS with UDUNITS-2.
  • Replacing all references to udunits.dat with references to the appropriate xml file of UDUNITS-2.

I'm submitting this as a defect, because I don't think it materially affects the CF standard.

Jonathan Gregory

#56 fixed typo in CF conventions doc cf-conventions@… eaton

In Appendix E. Cell Methods; the heading of the first column of Table E.1 is "cell_method". This heading uses the font convention that indicates it is the name of the attribute. But the name of the attribute is "cell_methods" and all other occurrences of this attribute in the document appear as cell_methods. This heading should be changed to read "cell_methods".

#57 fixed Fix for broken URLs in CF Conventions document cf-conventions@… russ

In the CF 1.4 document some URLs referencing the UCAR Unidata site result in "404 Not Found" errors or use deprecated paths for which permanent replacements are now available. Following is a list of external URLs that should be replaced, each followed immediately by its recommended replacement. References to the NetCDF Fortran Users Guide have been replaced by references to the corresponding text in the language-neutral NetCDF Users Guide. Unidata commits to supporting the replacement URLs through future web site and documentation reorganizations, so they will continue to be valid.
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