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#118 fixed Add an attribute in Appendix F to identify the geoid or other geopotential datum davidhassell jonathan

Some geophysical quantities, including some vertical coordinates, are defined with reference to the geoid. For example, the standard_name of altitude is the height above the geoid. CF does not have a default geoid, because the convention is used for both model-generated and real-world data, and climate models typically do not use a real-world geoid. When CF is used for real-world data, it may be necessary to desirable to specify which geoid is being used.

This proposal is to define a new attribute geoid_name to be included in the table of Appendix F for the legal attributes of the grid_mapping variable. This attribute will have type S (string) and its description will be "The name of the geoid. Corresponds to an OGC WKT VERT_DATUM name."

Ticket 80, which was agreed a long time ago for inclusion in CF 1.7, also adds some attributes to Appendix F. This proposal is complementary to and consistent with that one.

Jonathan Gregory

#114 invalid CF checker incorrectly complains about scale_factor of same type as variable. cf-checker@… biard

When running the CF checker on a file with a variable of type double which has a scale_factor of type double, I get the complaint

"must be of type byte, short or int"

When you use a scale_factor, that unpacks to double, you need the data in the variable to be type byte short or int. See: "Section 8.1 - Packed Data"

Yet Section 3.1 states:

The Udunits syntax that allows scale factors and offsets to be applied to a unit is not supported by this standard. The application of any scale factors or offsets to data should be indicated by the scale_factor and add_offset attributes.

This is, in fact what is being done in file in question.

#112 fixed create FAQ seed document for CF conventions graybeal graybeal

Create a seed document for a FAQ for CF conventions. Expect it to be added to the (new) CF wiki on github, exact place to be determined. (Matthew Harris and Jeff Painter to discuss the exact place.)

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