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#111 fixed New web site cf-conventions@… painter1

The new CF Conventions web site is still under construction. Use this ticket to report any problems with the new site. Here are some problems which I am aware of:

  1. CF Conventions document, html version, versions 1.6 and 1.7-draft1:

The web server inserts some extraneous code early in Chapter 9, which messes up the rest of the chapter, forward to some point in the appendices. The html document itself is correct.

  1. Documents page, both links to v26 of the Standard Names table are dead.
  1. The quick links just give you stubs for standard names and the conformance document.
  1. The top bar just gives you a stub for "Conformance". It's worth reconsidering, btw, what really belongs in the top bar.
  1. There is no link to the document source code (in DocBook?).
  1. The system for downloading a pdf document is un-intuitive.
  1. The old url* should be set to redirect to something which works; the new web site if possible.
#110 invalid test new installation cf-conventions@… painter1

This is a test of the new Trac installation - sorry to bother you!

#109 fixed resolve inconsistency of positive and standard_name attributes davidhassell jonathan

John Graybeal raised the question of what happens if the positive and standard_name attributes of a vertical coordinate variable are inconsistent according to the definition of the latter e.g. if positive="up" and standard_name="depth", which is defined as vertical distance below the surface, implying that positive is down. Steve Hankin and I discussed this on the CF email list and further by email and phone. We would like to propose the following clarification, which should answer the question without materially changing the convention or invalidating existing data.

Append the following to the last paragraph (beginning "Optionally") of introductory part of Section 4.3 (before Section 4.3.1):

If both positive and standard_name are provided, it is recommended that they should be consistent. For instance, if a depth of 1000 metres is represented by -1000 and positive is up, it would be inconsistent to give the standard_name as depth, whose definition (vertical distance below the surface) implies positive down. If an application detects such an inconsistency, the user should be warned, and the positive attribute should be used to determine the sign convention.

Insert the following into Section 4.3 of the conformance document:


The positive attribute should be consistent with the sign convention implied by the definition of the standard_name, if both are provided.

There is no general way to check consistency at present.


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