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#7 wontfix Unstructured Grids SuperGrid Requirements cf-wg-supporting-technologies@… tomgross

The irregular grid specifications have brought up several spatial objects which are not precisely described by a single coordinate location. For instance the edge of a triangle, or the triangle itself. An edge must be described by two points and the triangle by three points. A variable such as heat flux or area are not, necessarily, located at a single point. For convenience we could define spatial locations, center of edge or center of triangle, which could serve as coordinate locations for these variables. As it will still be necessary to describe the edge or triangle, by calling out the locations of the vertices, these derived locations are redundant. These extra locations are very much like the gridspec supergrid points (Balaji 2006). They might be useful enough to become a requirement of the CF conventions.

Should there be a requirement for the inclusion of these auxiliary locations for the center points of higher dimensional objects, such as line segments or areas?

#16 fixed unnecessary & confusing variable in example 7.7 cf-conventions@… taylor13

In example 7.9 of the convention, the variable time_bounds appears but is not needed because the climatology_bounds are defined. Note that there is no "bounds" attribute pointing to time_bounds, so they aren't really illegal, but they are unnecessary and therefore might be confusing.

Recommend delighting time_bounds from the example.

#30 fixed One reference to Appendix C should actually reference Appendix D cf-conventions@… taylor13

After Example 4.3 the following sentence appears:

"In this example the standard_name value atmosphere_sigma_coordinate identifies the following definition from Appendix C, Standard Name Modifiers which specifies how to compute pressure at gridpoint (n,k,j,i) where j and i are horizontal indices, k is a vertical index, and n is a time index:"

This should refer to Appendix D, Dimensionless Vertical Coordinates, not Appendix C.

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