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#4 wontfix Archive cf-metadata mailing list halliday1 halliday1
  • Copy cf-metadata archives to Plone website
  • Create cf-metadata@…
  • If someone emails the old list, send them a pointer to the new list for a period of time
  • After some amount of time, decomission the old list
#5 fixed Forward old website to new website halliday1 halliday1
  • Forward requests to the old CF website to the new CF website, using a "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP status code.
#6 wontfix Unstructured Grids Vocabulary Request cf-wg-supporting-technologies@… tomgross

Welcome to the Unstructured Grid Mailing lists. This task will be a sort of test for our ability to use the new CF task tracking and mailing list methods. Remember: Don't "reply" to the emails directly, use the web page instead. See GettingStarted and UnstructuredTaskLists

This first task/discussion thread concerns the creation of a vocabulary for Unstructured Grids. We began the task at the workshop and agreed upon a few useful starting points, such as the use of "Unstructured Grids" rather than "Unstructured Meshes", and the use of "Cell" instead of "Element" to refer to that fine grain structure which is usually a triangle or quadralateral made up of nodes, edges and faces.

Contribute to this thread your ideas for other necessary vocabulary and perhaps other structures and "things" we need to describe in the construction of the Unstructured Grid Data Model

Tom Gross

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