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#5 fixed Forward old website to new website halliday1 halliday1
  • Forward requests to the old CF website to the new CF website, using a "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP status code.
#12 fixed Formula terms for ocean_sigma_coordinate are incorrect kyle rsignell

The format for the "ocean_sigma_coordinate" formula_terms attribute should be

formula_terms = "sigma: var1 eta: var2 depth: var3"

I checked the CF-conventions 1.0 doc from 2004 and it's correct there, but even version 1.0 of the docbook

has it wrong, repeating instead the "ocean_s_coordinate" formula_terms.

#57 fixed Fix for broken URLs in CF Conventions document cf-conventions@… russ

In the CF 1.4 document some URLs referencing the UCAR Unidata site result in "404 Not Found" errors or use deprecated paths for which permanent replacements are now available. Following is a list of external URLs that should be replaced, each followed immediately by its recommended replacement. References to the NetCDF Fortran Users Guide have been replaced by references to the corresponding text in the language-neutral NetCDF Users Guide. Unidata commits to supporting the replacement URLs through future web site and documentation reorganizations, so they will continue to be valid.
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