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#137 invalid Price Of Advana Tone Supplement cf-conventions@… ranapratap8

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#13 fixed Procedure for correcting errors in the CF documents cf-conventions@… jonathan

Rich Signell has pointed out an error in the CF standard document by raising a trac ticket. I think we need rules for deciding to make corrections, or there's a danger they might not be implemented. I propose the following:

  1. These rules apply to the CF conventions document, the conformance document, the standard name table and its guidelines.
  1. Errors in these documents can be corrected under these rules if it is clear that the text as it stands isn't what was agreed, because of a typographical or some other error. These rules can't be followed for making substantive changes. Errors in the standard names can alternatively be pointed out on the CF email list, and implemented by the manager of CF standard names (Alison) as part of a regular update.
  1. If someone thinks there is an error in a document, they should open a Trac ticket of type "defect" to point it out and to state what should be done to the text in order to correct the error.
  1. The correction is held to have been agreed if three weeks pass without anyone disagreeing with it. After that period, the ticket should be closed by the manager of the CF conventions (Kyle) or the manager of CF standard names (Alison), who will make the change. No moderator is needed because there cannot be any substantive discussion under these rules.
  1. If anyone disagrees that the correction should be made, because they think the document does have the intended meaning, then a correction cannot be made by these rules, the ticket should be closed, and the change should be proposed as an enhancement instead, following the rules for making changes to the CF standard, if the proposer wants to pursue the issue.

It feels a bit bureaucratic to have rules, but I think it may be necessary because experience shows that without rules we find it hard to reach conclusions. Please post your comments to this ticket.


#31 fixed Proposal for standard attributes actual_min and actual_max cf-conventions@… jonblower


It is very useful for data mining and visualization applications to know the minimum and maximum values of a particular variable in a NetCDF file, without needing to extract the entire variable and calculate this in the application. Here we propose a new pair of standard variables actual_min and actual_max that contain the min and max values of a variable.


The proposed new attributes would prevent misuse of the valid_min and valid_max attributes, which are intended to be used to delimit a valid data range, but in fact are often used to denote the actual range of data in a variable. The latter (mis)use leads to incorrect assessment of missing values by tools.

Supports data mining: It is a quick operation to find, say, all those data files that contain temperature values above 30degC.

Supports visualization: Visualization tools can use the actual_min/max to generate a sensible colour scale range for displaying the contents of a file. (However see caveats below.)

In the context of aggregations (by NcML or otherwise), the actual_min/max could be easily calculated by taking the minimum/maximum of the attributes of the components of the aggregation.


The new attributes represent redundant metadata and could be incorrectly generated or otherwise become inconsistent. Mitigation: Allow the CF-checker to check these attribute values if they are present in a file.


These attribute values would not be correct for a subset of data from the file and so any data subsetting tools must be aware of this and recalculate or remove these attributes from any data product subset.

Data values outside the valid_range would not be counted in the actual_min/max. An alternative nomenclature could be actual_valid_min/max (although personally I find this more confusing).

For visualization, the actual_min/max will not always represent the optimal scale range, particularly if examining a restricted geographical area, or when looking at data from a particular elevation. A more sophisticated solution could involve expressing actual_min/max as an array quantity, with a value pair for each elevation in the data volume. This increases the complexity of the solution and places extra burdens on data providers and tool developers (and does not completly solve the problems described).

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.