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#85 fixed Link Appendix H from section 9, and clarify missing data requirements davidhassell jonathan

We removed most of the detail regarding the storage of discrete sampling geometries from the text in section 9 to Appendix H, but as far as I can see we forgot to make links to Appendix H. To correct this defect, I propose that we:

  • Add this sentence to the end of the first paragraph of section 9.1, just before the table: "Details and examples of storage of each of these feature types are provided in Appendix H, as indicated in the table."
  • Add a column to Table 9.1, headed "Links", in which the cells indicate and provide links to the relevant sections H.1-H.6.

In section 9.6, we introduced the possibility of missing data in auxiliary coordinate variables for discrete sampling geometries, and Appendix A notes that missing data is only allowed for section 9.6. To be clear, I think we should note this in section 2.5.1 "Missing data" also. I propose that we append this sentence to the first paragraph of 2.5.1.

Missing data is not allowed in coordinate variables or auxiliary coordinate variables, except for auxiliary coordinate variables in discrete sampling geometries (Section 9.6, "Missing data").

Also, I propose that in the "Links" column of Appendix A, we add links to section 2.5.1 and 9.6 for _FillValue (in addition to the link to the NUG), and to section 9.6 for missing_value (2.5.1 is already linked).


#86 fixed Allow coordinate variables to be scaled integers davidhassell rhorne@…

Currently, a coordinate variable that makes use of the standard NetCDF scaled integer convention is not CF metadata compliant.

In addition to the reduction in NetCDF dataset (file) size, there are other advantaged to allowing it including simplifying product formatting software, and having an attribute (scale_factor) that provides insight into the spatial resolution of the data variable.

To update the CF metadata conventions standard document requires changing a two rows in Table A.1 Attributes in Appendix A.

(1) In the "add_offset" row, the "Use" column needs to change from "D" to "C, D"

(2) In the "scale_factor" row, the "Use" column needs to change from "D" to "C, D"

#87 fixed Allow comments in coordinate variables davidhassell ngalbraith

Appendix A, Attributes, indicates that the 'comment' attribute may be used as a global attribute or for non-coordinate data variables. Its description states that it is for 'Miscellaneous information about the data or methods used to produce it.'

For in situ ocean data, certain information about the coordinate variables seems to belong in a comment; coordinate values have characteristics that should be described, but there are no standards for these descriptions yet.

For example, for a surface mooring, this seems like the best place to indicate whether the latitude and longitude are the surveyed anchor position or a GPS fix from the buoy itself, and whether the depth is the combined length of line/chain/instrument cases between the surface and the sensor, or a calculated depth based on measured pressure.

So, I propose that in the table in Appendix A we change the 'Use' of the comment attribute from G,D to G,C,D, to allow comments for variables containing coordinate data.


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