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#25 fixed Correction in Conventions document, table 3.1 cf-conventions@… mlaker1

The Conventions document, version 1.1 at has an error in an entry in the right-hand sub-table of Table 3.1, in section "3.1 Units":

The entry:

1e-2 deci c

should read:

1e-2 centi c

#28 wontfix Correct recommended units for lat and lon cf-conventions@… apamment

Beate Geyer has pointed out that the recommended units for latitude and longitude coordinate variables in sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the conventions document are inconsistent with the canonical units published in the standard name table.

Sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the conventions recommend degrees_north and degrees_east for lat and lon, respectively. The standard name table uses the singular form for the canonical units, i.e. degree_north and degree_east. The two sources of documentation should be made consistent. Beate has indicated a preference for the singular form of the unit, therefore it is proposed that the conventions document should be modified to agree with the standard name table. This requires modification to the sentences in sections 4.1 and 4.2 beginning with "The recommended unit ...".


#15 fixed Correct Appendix A for flag_values attribute cf-conventions@… jonathan

This is a proposed correction for an error in the documents, not a change to the standard. According to the rules, it will be accepted if no-one objects to it in the next three weeks.

The table in Appendix A incorrectly states that flag_values is a string attribute. This is inconsistent with CF 3.5, which says, "The flag_values attribute is the same type as the variable to which it is attached." This error was pointed out by John Stark in April 2007 and this month by Philippe Poilbarbe on the netCDF email list.

The correction required is as follows:

  • Add "D for the type of the data variable" to the sentence "The Type values are S for string, N for numeric" before the table in Appendix A.
  • Change the type from S to D for flag_values in the table.
  • In the conformance document, add a section:
    3.5 Flags
    The flag_values attribute must have the same type as the variable to which it is attached.


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