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#48 fixed Minor typo in equivalent_reflectivity_factor definition apamment Greg Rappa

The word reflectivity is spelled incorrectly as "relectivity".

This typo appears in both files: cf-standard-name-table.html and cf-standard-name-table.xml

#47 fixed error in example 7.4 cf-conventions@… eaton

Example 7.4 in the conventions doc has an unlimited time dimension which must be listed as the first dimension in C ordering. The variables pressure, maxtemp, and ppn all have dimensions (station,time). All three should be modified to read (time,station).

#46 fixed Support for thematic data? cf-standard-names@… kfoley

I am working with scientists that generate data on various aspects of climate conditions that occurred during the Pliocene. The data is used as input for climate models. I use netCDF format to distribute data and conform to CF metatdata standards when possible. One dataset we produce is a lat/lon grid of cells, each containing an integer that indicates the nature of ground cover that is predominate in that cell. There exists no continuity between these values -- 7 does not indicate an intermediate form between 6 and 8. Is there support for this thematic data in the CF standards that I have missed or is there some possibility of including it?

Thank you,

Kevin Foley USGS

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