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#42 fixed Amendments to CF Conformance document cf-conventions@… ros

Whilst updating the checker I came across a couple of omissions in the conformance document. I propose the follow additions, which are implied in the convention but not explicitly stated in the conformance document.

3.5 Flags

 * If the flag_values attribute is present then the flag_meanings attribute must be specified.

 * The type of the flag_meanings attribute is a string whose value is a
blank separated list of words or phrases (words connected by underscores).
#41 fixed Upgrade CF checker to CF-1.3 ros ros

CF-1.3 additional requirements include:

Section 3.5 Flags

  • The flag_values attribute must have the same type as the variable to which it is attached.
  • The number of flag_values attribute values must equal the number of words or phrases appearing in the flag_meanings string.
  • The number of flag_masks attribute values must equal the number of words or phrases appearing in the flag_meanings string.
  • Variables with a flag_masks attribute must have a type that is compatible with bit field expression (char, byte, short and int), not floating-point (float, real, double), and the flag_masks attribute must have the same type.
  • The flag_masks attribute values must be non-zero.
  • The flag_values attribute values must be mutually exclusive among the set of flag_values attribute values defined for that variable.


  • When flag_masks and flag_values are both defined, the Boolean AND of each entry in flag_values with its corresponding entry in flag_masks should equal the flag_values entry, ie, the mask selects all the bits required to express the value.
#40 fixed CF Checker falls over when standard_name attribute is the empty string. cf-checker@… ros

The CF checker was falling over in the event of a standard_name attribute which was an empty string, as it did "string.split(.....)[0]" on the attribute value.

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