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#35 fixed delete "associated" in CF standard, chapter 5, introduction, paragraph 3 cf-conventions@… jonathan

This was raised by John Caron, and Brian Eaton and Jonathan Gregory agree.


We recommend that the name of a multidimensional coordinate variable should not match the name of any of its dimensions because that precludes supplying an associated coordinate variable for the dimension.


We recommend that the name of a multidimensional coordinate variable should

not match the name of any of its dimensions because that precludes supplying a coordinate variable for the dimension.

i.e. delete "associated", which has a technical meaning in the CF standard that is not meant here.

#34 fixed Add new grid mappings cf-conventions@… edavis

1. Title

Add new grid mappings to the existing list.

2. Moderator

John Caron

3. Requirement

A number of grid mappings are being used that are not listed in CF. Make additions to the existing list.

This is a follow-up proposal to the proposal in CF Trac ticket #18.

4. Initial Statement of Technical Proposal

Add the following projections:

  • Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area (EPSG 9834 for spherical earth, EPSG 9835)
  • Mercator (EPSG 9804 for one standard parallel, EPSG 9805 for two standard parallels)
  • Orthographic (EPSG 9840)

5. Benefits

Allow existing data using non-CF defined grid mappings to be CF compliant.

6. Status Quo

Data that is otherwise CF compliant using grid mappings that are not supported by CF.

7. Detailed Proposal

CF Wiki page: GridMapNames - currently at version 11

#33 fixed cell_methods for statistical indices jonathan Heinke
  1. Title

New cell_method 'count over days'

  1. Moderator

Jonathan Gregory

  1. Proposing

New entry for table E.1. Cell Methods:

name='count over days' Units=1 description='the number of occurences of a condition specified in the standard name'

The Units are Integer.

4.Use Cases

For statistic indices we like to add the following new standard_names:



frost_days min<0 degC = fd (IPCC AR4 and AR5)

ice days max<0 degC

frost days where no snow

number_of_days_with_air_temperature_above_threshold examples:

summer days max>25 degC

tropical nights min>20 degC



heavy precipitation >10 mm = r10 (IPCC AR4 and AR5)

very heavy precipitation >20 mm

wet days > 1mm



strong breeze days max > 10,5 m/s

strong gale days max > 20,5 m/s

hurricane days max > 32,5 m/s

To specify the standard_name the CDLs should have the following form:

/* number of days with daily minimum below 0 degC = frost_days = fd (IPCC AR4 and AR5) */ float n1(lat,lon);

n1:standard_name="number_of_days_with_temperature_below_threshold"; n1:coordinates="threshold time"; n1:cell_methods="time: count over days";

float threshold;

threshold:standard_name="air_temperature"; threshold:units="degC"; threshold:cell_methods="time: minimun within days"



Best regards Heinke

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