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#33 fixed cell_methods for statistical indices jonathan Heinke
  1. Title

New cell_method 'count over days'

  1. Moderator

Jonathan Gregory

  1. Proposing

New entry for table E.1. Cell Methods:

name='count over days' Units=1 description='the number of occurences of a condition specified in the standard name'

The Units are Integer.

4.Use Cases

For statistic indices we like to add the following new standard_names:



frost_days min<0 degC = fd (IPCC AR4 and AR5)

ice days max<0 degC

frost days where no snow

number_of_days_with_air_temperature_above_threshold examples:

summer days max>25 degC

tropical nights min>20 degC



heavy precipitation >10 mm = r10 (IPCC AR4 and AR5)

very heavy precipitation >20 mm

wet days > 1mm



strong breeze days max > 10,5 m/s

strong gale days max > 20,5 m/s

hurricane days max > 32,5 m/s

To specify the standard_name the CDLs should have the following form:

/* number of days with daily minimum below 0 degC = frost_days = fd (IPCC AR4 and AR5) */ float n1(lat,lon);

n1:standard_name="number_of_days_with_temperature_below_threshold"; n1:coordinates="threshold time"; n1:cell_methods="time: count over days";

float threshold;

threshold:standard_name="air_temperature"; threshold:units="degC"; threshold:cell_methods="time: minimun within days"



Best regards Heinke

#49 fixed Clarification of flag_meanings attribute jonathan martin.juckes

1. Title

Clarification of flag_meanings attribute

2. Moderator

Jonathan Gregory

3. Requirement

Clear definition and greater range of characters in flag_meanings attribute.

4. Initial Statement of Technical Proposal

Section 3.5 of the convention states "The flag_meanings attribute is a string whose value is a blank separated list of descriptive words or phrases, one for each flag value.", and a "word" is currently interpreted by the CF-checker to consist only of alphanumeric characters, ruling out hyphens and brackets which may be useful in this context. The proposal is that a word in this context should be defined to consist of alphanumeric characters plus underscore '_', period '.', plus '+', hyphen '-', or "at" sign '@', to be consistent with the character set allowed for netCDF variable/dim/attr names [there is no particular need for this consistency, except to avoid having multiple definitions of what constitutes a word].

The above sentence from section 3.5 should be modified to read "The flag_meanings attribute is a string whose value is a blank separated list of descriptive words or phrases, one for each flag value. Each word or phrase consisting of characters from the alphanumeric set or from the following four: '-', '.', '+', '@'.",

5. Benefits

More meaningful "flag_meanings" will be possible.

E.g. for a dataset of eco-regions, flag_meanings such as "Alberta-British Columbia foothills forests" could be used.

6. Status Quo

There is ambiguity in the current standard, which I believe should be alleviated.

#1 fixed Convert CF Conventions to DocBook XML halliday1 halliday1
  • Convert CF Conventions 1.0 and CF Standard Name Table to DocBook? XML.
  • Create scripts to automatically generate PDF, HTML, and chunked HTML output from DocBook?, and make it simple to update the website with new document revisions.
  • Add the baseline documents and build scripts to the CF Subversion repository.
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