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#110 invalid test new installation cf-conventions@… painter1

This is a test of the new Trac installation - sorry to bother you!

#114 invalid CF checker incorrectly complains about scale_factor of same type as variable. cf-checker@… biard

When running the CF checker on a file with a variable of type double which has a scale_factor of type double, I get the complaint

"must be of type byte, short or int"

When you use a scale_factor, that unpacks to double, you need the data in the variable to be type byte short or int. See: "Section 8.1 - Packed Data"

Yet Section 3.1 states:

The Udunits syntax that allows scale factors and offsets to be applied to a unit is not supported by this standard. The application of any scale factors or offsets to data should be indicated by the scale_factor and add_offset attributes.

This is, in fact what is being done in file in question.

#119 invalid test new Trac site cf-conventions@… painter1

I'm testing the new Trac site:

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