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#158 wontfix data_type=char|string cf-conventions@… bob.simons

In NetCDF-3 files, in order to make it clear whether an array of chars should be interpreted as an array of chars or an array of Strings, I propose that we replace this sentence in CF section 2.2:

NetCDF does not support a character string type, so these must be represented as character arrays. In this document, a one dimensional array of character data is simply referred to as a "string".


Since NetCDF-3 files do not have a built-in string data type, strings in NetCDF-3 files must be represented as character arrays. To clarify how a char array should be interpreted, char arrays must have a "data_type" attribute with a value of "char" (for individual chars) or "string". (In older files with char variables that lack a data_type attribute, it remains ambiguous whether a char array should be interpreted as an array of individual characters or an array of Strings.)

#112 fixed create FAQ seed document for CF conventions graybeal graybeal

Create a seed document for a FAQ for CF conventions. Expect it to be added to the (new) CF wiki on github, exact place to be determined. (Matthew Harris and Jeff Painter to discuss the exact place.)

#149 fixed correction of standard name in example 7.3 davidhassell taylor13

In example 7.3 ("Cell areas for a spherical geodesic grid") the standard_name for the area of the grid cell is given as "area", which is not in the current standard_name table. The correct standard_name for this variable is "cell_area", so a correction of this defect should be made.

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