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#56 fixed typo in CF conventions doc cf-conventions@… eaton

In Appendix E. Cell Methods; the heading of the first column of Table E.1 is "cell_method". This heading uses the font convention that indicates it is the name of the attribute. But the name of the attribute is "cell_methods" and all other occurrences of this attribute in the document appear as cell_methods. This heading should be changed to read "cell_methods".

#34 fixed Add new grid mappings cf-conventions@… edavis

1. Title

Add new grid mappings to the existing list.

2. Moderator

John Caron

3. Requirement

A number of grid mappings are being used that are not listed in CF. Make additions to the existing list.

This is a follow-up proposal to the proposal in CF Trac ticket #18.

4. Initial Statement of Technical Proposal

Add the following projections:

  • Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area (EPSG 9834 for spherical earth, EPSG 9835)
  • Mercator (EPSG 9804 for one standard parallel, EPSG 9805 for two standard parallels)
  • Orthographic (EPSG 9840)

5. Benefits

Allow existing data using non-CF defined grid mappings to be CF compliant.

6. Status Quo

Data that is otherwise CF compliant using grid mappings that are not supported by CF.

7. Detailed Proposal

CF Wiki page: GridMapNames - currently at version 11

#75 fixed fix documentation and definitions of 3 grid mapping definitions davidhassell etourigny

The definitions and/or documentation for 3 grid mappings cause confusion and inconsistency when translating to/from WKT.

This ticket is the result of a discussion in the mailing list: .

Here is a summary of suggested changes:

1) lambert_conformal_conic

The 1SP (1 standard_parallel) case is not properly documented. There should be a link to and mention that latitude_of_projection_origin==standard_parallel (and the WKT "Scale factor at natural origin" = 1).

In the case that scale_factor is not 1, then the 2SP version should be used (as scale_factor is not part of this projection's parameters in CF).

Also, the EPSG codes should included in "Notes" (9801 for 1SP and 9802 for 2SP).

2) lambert_cylindrical_equal_area

The scale_factor_at_projection_origin variant has no WKT nor PROJ.4 equivalent (they both require standard_parallel) and there are no known examples using this variant. It should be dropped from the CF spec, or at least deprecated.

3) polar_stereographic

The 2 variants (standard_parallel or scale_factor_at_projection_origin) are not well documented.

The standard_parallel variant corresponds to EPSG Polar Stereographic (Variant B) (EPSG dataset coordinate operation method code 9829), while the scale_factor_at_projection_origin variant corresponds to EPSG Polar Stereographic (Variant A) (EPSG dataset coordinate operation method code 9810).

This information should be included in the "Map parameters" and "Notes" sections, to be consistent with other definitions such as mercator.

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