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02/18/16 07:25:01 (5 years ago)

Hello Jonathan

I have not adopted the text you proposed straight away. I have included a set of updates in the ticket summary which pick up the uncontentious points, from my point of view.

There are material changes in the text you propose which I want to discuss further and I felt it was easier for me to be able to contrast between the proposal I have raised and your suggested alterations by doing this.

It is not clear to me why the limitation on the use of the axes attribute exists. I don't see what problems occur by having multiple variables with an axis attribute of E. This is metadata about a coordinate (| aux coord | scalar coord), it is an 'Ensemble coordinate'.

With this in mind, I think I do disagree with changing the title of the section to Ensemble Axis. The aim here is to define one or more ensemble coordinate (| aux coord | scalar coord) instances.

thank you for your continued interest mark


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    2121    ... The attribute axis may be attached to a coordinate variable **or auxiliary coordinate variable** and given one of the values X, Y, Z**,** ~~or~~ T **. These labels** ~~which~~ stand for a longitude, latitude, vertical, ~~or~~ time **or ensemble** axis respectively. ...
    23     ==== 4.6 Ensemble Axis ====
     23    ==== 4.6 Ensemble Coordinate ====
    2525    Variables representing an ensemble or collection of realizations shall have an attribute `axis` with a value `E`.  These variables are discrete, as described in section 4.5;  they do not represent continuous quantities.