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h.2 name_strlen

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From: CF-metadata [cf-metadata-bounces@…] on behalf of Hella Riede Sent: 09 March 2017 17:28 To: cf-metadata@… Subject: [CF-metadata] dimension missing in examples on cfconventions.org

in example http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_contiguous_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series, no dimension 'name_strlen' is defined, but in fact used as dimension in 'char station_name(name_strlen)'.

In http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_single_time_series_including_deviations_from_a_nominal_fixed_spatial_location, the dimension is still there, in http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/v1.6.0/cf-conventions.html#_indexed_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series it is missing as well.

Best wishes, Hella

I have checked the latest builds of the conventions document and these omissions are still in place http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/cf-conventions.html#_contiguous_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series http://cfconventions.org/cf-conventions/cf-conventions.html#_indexed_ragged_array_representation_of_time_series

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see https://cf-trac.llnl.gov/trac/ticket/161

for potential conventions change

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by edavis

I just submitted GitHub? PR #128 to fix this ticket (and a few other examples of the same issue).

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