07:50 Ticket #20 (Incorrect parsing of flag_values attribute) closed by ros
07:49 Ticket #19 (Standard Name Modifiers) closed by ros
fixed: Change to conformance document detailed in ticket #23
07:48 Ticket #22 (missing_value & _FillValue bug fix) closed by ros
fixed: CF Conventions Document updated as detailed in ticket #23
07:41 Ticket #18 (Additions and Revisions to CF Grid Mapping Attributes (v2.0)) closed by jonathan
fixed: Dear Phil, Velimir and all There have been no further comments for …


14:26 Ticket #27 (Use namespace tags to include other conventions in netcdf files ...) created by benno
Strictly speaking, this is not an enhancement to CF -- it is a way of …


11:22 Ticket #26 (Enhance CF flag definitions to support bit fields) created by gregr
== 1. Title == Bit field enhancement to CF Flags definition == …
11:21 reTrac attached to WikiFormatting by gregr
Four suggested changes to the existing CF Conventions document …
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