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Unstructured Grids Workshop 2006

The workshop held in Boulder, Colorado Oct. 16, 17, 2006 kicked off the process of creating the unstructured grid standards.

Where we began the meeting:

The community standards process is like herding cats, but much more worthwhile. A standard would help to separate science from data storage and from interpolation functions. Every modeler has their own file format and is inflexible / passionate about its use. The format most commonly uses ASCII or proprietary binary. Even if NetCDF is used for output files, these may be non-standard. Each model is unique; modelers working on a particular model or implementation are not generally interested in format.

Where we ended up:

Unstructured ocean model community should define a data model (in the language of OPeNDAP) and ensure the mapping of that model onto netCDF3 and HDF5 is functional Therefore the resulting web service will be OPeNDAP. (Then map back to netCDF, XMDF, GCMS). This would be an OPeNDAP2 compatible common data model. – Consensus is this is a reasonable straw man.

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