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Cell measure construct

A cell measure construct may contain

A list of some of the dimensions of the field construct in any order. Properties to describe itself.

and must contain

A measure property, which indicates which metric of the space it supplies e.g. cell areas. A units property consistent with the measure property e.g. m2. A numeric array of metric values having the dimensions listed, excluding any dimensions of size one, or a scalar metric value if no dimensions of size greater than one are given. If there is a dimension with size greater than one, the elements of the array must all be of the same data type. It is assumed that the metric does not depend on any of the dimensions of the field which are not specified, and the values are implicitly propagated along these dimensions.

In CF-netCDF files, cell measures constructs correspond to variables named by the cell_measures attribute of the data variable. As for dimensions, cell measures constructs of different field constructs are independent in the data model.