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The Irregular Grids data model will be expressed in many forms, such as a UML or ontology. A popular expression is a description of the metadata and variable structures which make up a NetCDF file. These are CDL's, as described in :

The netCDF package includes an ascii format, called CDL, to make ascii files that are equivalent to netCDF files. CDL files are complete inverses of the equivalent netCDF, and vice versa. CDL is convenient since you can create, read and edit an ascii file, and then convert it to a binary netCDF file. For the netCDF documentation about CDL, see Section 2.1.2 Network Common Data Form Language (CDL), CDL Syntax, and CDL data types. Other parts of the complete NetCDF documentation may be useful to you. CDL files end with extension ".cdl". NetCDF files (binary) end with extension ".nc".

We need to devise a similar set of metadata conventions and variable structures for unstructured grids

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