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     1= Cell Types For Unstructured Grid CF standard =
     3Similar to the data types that already exist [ NetCDF Users Guide], we could add cell types to the netCDF library which describe the geometry of a cell. This would provide the information about how many vertices a cell has and there for how many node index values to expect in the connectivity. Each cell type would have a standard node ordering which describes how to format and use the connectivity data.
     60 NC_PTS        A series of scattered points: earthquake locations
     71 NC_TRK        A series of connected points: Drifter data
     82 NC_LIN        An arbitrary list of lines each described by two end points: edge data
     103 NC_TRI        Triangles described by the location of three vertices's
     114 NC_QAD        Quadrilaterals described by the location of four vertices's
     125 NC_PNT        etc
     136 NC_HEX        etc
     147 NC_SPT        etc
     158 NC_OCT        etc
     169 NC_MXD        Mixed 2D polygon cells
     1843   NC_TETRAHEDRON     ! Numbers are based on: #of faces #of sides     
     1964   NC_HEXAHEDRON
     201443 NC_PYRAMID         ! for more complex types: #of faces #of sides #of faces #of sides
     213423 NC_WEDGE
     229999 NC_UNSTRUCT        ! MIXED 3D solids cells
     24''Better formatting?''
     26'''we need good pictures to do this properly!'''
     28== questions ==
     29 * Not sure about these 3D types:
     30  * other suggestions for numbering, naming, geometries?
     31 * Do extruded cells need an NC_XXXXX integer typing?
     32 * For each of these we need to define a node numbering scheme,
     33      a face numbering scheme, and an edge numbering scheme