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Mapping from CF Grid Mapping Attributes to CRS WKT Elements

These provisional mappings have been compiled to support, among other things, CF proposal 69. If you spot any errors or omissions, please email the author or the CF mailing list, or else update this wiki page.

Mappings are only listed for the current set of CF grid mapping attributes -- there are a number of WKT elements, and many CRS PARAMETERs, for which there are no corresponding CF attributes.

The order of attributes follows Table F.1 in the CF conventions document.

The names of WKT PARAMETER elements follow the names of coordinate operation parameters defined in the EPSG geodetic parameter registry.

CF Grid Mapping Attribute Corresponding WKT Element
earth_radius SPHEROID["<name>", <semi-major-axis>, 0.0, ...]
false_easting PARAMETER["False easting", <value>]
false_northing PARAMETER["False northing", <value>]
grid_mapping_name no known equivalent
grid_north_pole_latitude no known equivalent
grid_north_pole_longitude no known equivalent
inverse_flattening SPHEROID["<name>", <semi-major-axis>, <inverse-flattening>, ...]
latitude_of_projection_origin PARAMETER["Latitude of natural origin", <value>]
longitude_of_central_meridian PARAMETER["Longitude of natural origin", <value>]
longitude_of_prime_meridian PRIMEM["<name>", <longitude>, ...]
longitude_of_projection_origin PARAMETER["Longitude of natural origin", <value>]
north_pole_grid_longitude no known equivalent
perspective_point_height PARAMETER["Viewpoint height", <value>]
scale_factor_at_central_meridian PARAMETER["Scale factor at natural origin", <value>]
scale_factor_at_projection_origin PARAMETER["Scale factor at natural origin", <value>]
semi_major_axis SPHEROID["<name>", <semi-major-axis>, <inverse-flattening>, ...]
semi_minor_axis no direct equivalent, the SPHEROID element is used to define ellipsoid geometry
standard_parallel (one parallel) PARAMETER["Latitude of standard parallel", <value>]
standard_parallel (two parallels) PARAMETER["Latitude of 1st standard parallel", <value>], PARAMETER["Latitude of 2nd standard parallel", <value>]
straight_vertical_longitude_from_pole PARAMETER["Longitude of origin", <value>]

-- Phil Bentley, Oct 2011

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