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Getting Started with Unstructured Grids Discussion Group

First join the CF mailing list:

  1. Request a Trac account by sending your first name, last name, and preferred username to: webmaster@…. See also CF Trac System.
  2. Subscribe to the unstructured grid mailing list: send a message to majordomo@… with the following contained in the email body:
    subscribe cf-wg-supporting-technologies

Reply to a message from the Mailing List: More Later

Create a message thread on the Mailing List:

  1. Go to and create a New Ticket. Edit the Short Summary (email subject line) and fill in the initial body (email text). Pick a type, (usually "task"). Choose the Component -> cf-wg-supporting-technologies. Assign it to a Milestone and add some keywords. Assign the task to yourself, or someone who agrees to moderate the task. Or if you don't wish to finger anyone else, assign it to me, tomgross. The first description of it will be sent out to the mail group. Further replies and discussion will be threaded and sent to the group.
  2. A ticket is also a task. By creating a ticket we are starting a discussion which will lead to the completion of a goal. Please attempt to define your discussion topic in terms of the question to be resolved.
  3. A ticket remains open until closed. At some point a conclusion to the discussion may be reached. By consensus or lack of interest the topic will be declared closed. Making this decision is the job of the person to whom the task was assigned.

Editing Wiki

  1. You may notice, if you have logged in, that the edit button is available to you on this page. Hit it and you can start altering this page, or similarly any other wiki page. Practice in the SandBox.
  2. Create a new wiki page: Edit an existing wiki page and add a wikiword. These are "camel" words with embedded capitals, like UnstructuredGrids or UgBoulderWorkshopNotes. When the page is saved the word will appear with a question mark next to it. Click on it and you will open an edit page to fill in the newly created wiki page. I advise adding a link back to the main table of contents
    '''Go Back to''' UnstructuredGrids''' Table of Contents'''
  3. Add pages whenever you feel the need. But do try to create a reasonable outline and breadcrumbs to return the reader back to the branch from which your wiki idea sprouted.
  4. The CF Wiki pages can be named anything, but in order to organize ourselves a little, I advise that new wikiwords for the Unstructure Grid pages start with "Ug", like UgBoulderWorkshopNotes etc.

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