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     1= Global Attributes =
     3Basic info about the data from the existing CF conventions should be included
     4 * What the data is
     5 * How the data was created
     6 * Who created it
     7 * When it was created
     8 * Why? .... because!
     10== Unstructed Conventions to add to the existing Global Attributes ==
     12 1. A standard name for our convetions
     13  * CFUnstructured1.0  -- ''please edit me!''
     14 2. Idealized case OR a Real world simulation
     15  * ''Is time reference to a real date?''
     16  * ''Is location georeferenced?''
     17 3. A list of mesh objects in the file
     18  * Mesh A
     19  * Mesh B     
     20  * '' This should be the name of the connectivity variable ''
     22== Discussion ==
     24=== Standard Convention name ===
     25This global attribute will be usefull as a way to examine a file and quickly determine what to expect inside and how to read it.
     27=== Idealized case OR a Real world simulation ===
     28Including this in the global attributes provides more basic info about what to expect inside the file. This would tell the app/api whether to expect to find projection data, the type of coordinates (for instance: lat/lon vs meters), zero time reference information and other kinds of data that don't exist in a idealized model data set.
     30=== A list of mesh objects in the file ===
     31Listing the names of the mesh variables in the file as part of the Global Attributes would provide a way to simplify reading netCDF3.X files which do not have groups. In netCDF 4.X this would probably not be neccissary but here it will be helpfull to know from reading a set of standard global attributes what mesh objects to expect to find in the file. This will make standardizing the apps/api's which work the the files much easier. The mesh name provided should be the name of the connectivity variable for that mesh. This name should also be an attribute of any variable which belongs to that mesh.
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