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Grid Mapping: Adding new grid mappings


Add new grid mappings to the existing list.


A number of grid mappings are being used that are not listed in CF. Make additions to the existing list.

This is a follow-up proposal to the proposal in CF Trac ticket #18.

Summary of Change

Add new grid mappings and required attributes.


Allow existing data using non-CF defined grid mappings to be CF compliant.

Status Quo

Data that can not be CF compliant due to the grid mapping used.

Initial Statement of Technical Proposal

Add Examples to Appendix F

Example F.9. Vertical Perspective

grid_mapping_name = vertical_perspective
Map parameters:
  • longitude_of_projection_origin
  • latitude_of_projection_origin
  • perspective_point_height
  • false_easting
  • false_northing
Map coordinates:

Example F.10. Mercator

grid_mapping_name = mercator
Map parameters:
  • longitude_of_projection_origin
  • latitude_of_projection_origin
  • standard_parallel
Map coordinates:

Add the following attributes to Table F.1

Attribute Description
perspective_point_height When applicable, records the height, in meters, of the map projection perspective above the ellipsoid (or sphere). Used by perspective-type map projections, for example the Vertical Perspective Projection, which may be used to simulate the view from a Meteosat satellite.