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Namespace Tagging of Attribute Names

This is a proposed change to the CF specification for ticket #27.


Allow tagging of attribute names with namespace tags (similar to XML Namespace). Tagged attribute names are placed in the namespace associated with the tag.

Summary of Change

  • Describe basic namespace concept to CF (URI and prefix/tag).
  • Describe how an attribute name is tagged with a namespace.
  • Add mechanism for declaring/encoding the namespaces used in a dataset.
  • Provide recommendations for maintaining backward compatibility.


This change will allow data providers to use multiple attribute conventions without having to worry about attribute name clashes. It will also allow CF to use other attribute conventions without duplicating them directly in CF.

Status Quo

Proposed Changes to CF specification

Add the following definition to section "1.2 Terminology"

A namespace provides a context for names and allows for the differentiate between the same name from two different namespaces. A namespace is identified by a URI and can be associated with a tag/prefix.

Add a paragraph to section "1.3 Overview"

Insert the following as paragraph 7 (between "The long_name ..." and "Four types of ..."):

Namespaces can be declared and then used in a dataset to add context to attribute names ...

Modify section "2.3 Naming Conventions"

Modify section 2.? Attributes

Attribute names can be tagged to place the names in a namespace ...

Add an appendix "Namespace Delaration and Use