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Potential Data Model Types

Types, or Constructs (the terms are used interchangeably here) are the data model constituents. An implementation may take these and instansiate particular Classes, Variables or similar to express the concept in the relevant way for that implementation.

For each potential candidate type:

  • a type name
  • a short description

should be provided.

Terms of Reference

  • The scope of the data model is to define the concepts of CF and the relationships that exist between these concepts.
  • The data model provides a logical, implementation neutral, abstraction of the concepts defined by CF.
  • The data model does not define the interface to CF.

Editing These Resources

  • Anyone involved in the CF community is welcome to add an entry to this list with an associated page.
  • Creation of new pages is preferred to editing of current pages.
  • If pages are to be edited, please use strikethrough to indicate text suggested to remove and underline for text suggested to be added and add your {trac user name} beside the edit.
  • Types which have been discussed and superceded should have links and titles struck through.


  • Name
    • definition
    • alternative definition


A UML diagram will be displayed here when sufficient types have been agreed upon.

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