Satellite Swath Conventions

As a complement to the CF Satellite mailing list, this page will serve as a means of documenting the consensus on issues related to satellite swath data representation, including example CDL output.

Prototype Swath File Examples

Example 1: An example of a multi-banded image structure that contains navigation on a point-by-point basis, and provides for linear calibration (provided by Tom Whittaker, Tom Rink, and Kaba Bah).

Example 2

This example is a modified version of Example 1 and is designed to incorporate the feed back provided via the CF Satellite mailing list. Changes include the addition of a 1-D coordinate boundary variable for wavelength and the definition of scale_factor and add_offset per band as a 1-D variable attribute.

    x = 5304;
    y = 2438;
    band = 16;

    float lat(x, y);
        lat:standard_name = "latitude";
        lat:units = "degrees_north";
        lat:valid_range = -90.f, 90.f;

    float lon(x, y) ;
        lon:standard_name = "longitude";
        lon:units = "degrees_east";
        lon:valid_range = -180.f, 180.f;

    double time;
        time:long_name = "Nominal time of image";
        time:units="s since 1990-1-1 0:0:0";

    int band(band);
        band:long_name = "satellite band number";

    string bandname(band);
        bandname:standard_name = "band_name";

    float wavelength(band);
        wavelength:bounds = "wavelength_minmax";
        wavelength:long_name = "center wavelength";
        wavelength:units= "m";

    float wavelength_minmax(band, 2);
        wavelength_minmax:long_name = "wavelength min, max";
        wavelength_minmax:units= "m";

    short ImageData(time, band, x, y);
        ImageData:coordinates = "band lat lon time wavelength";
        ImageData:valid_min = 1s;
        ImageData:_FillValue = 0s;
        ImageData:missing_value = 0s;
	ImageData:add_offset = 34.02f, 35.02f, 36.02f, 37.02f, 38.02f, 39.02f, 40.02f, 41.02f,
          42.02f, 43.02f, 44.02f, 45.02f, 46.02f, 47.02f, 48.02f, 49.02f;
        ImageData:scale_factor = 1.54f, 1.64f, 1.74f, 1.84f, 1.94f, 2.04f, 2.14f, 2.24f,
          2.34f, 2.44f, 2.54f, 2.64f, 2.74f, 2.84f, 2.94f, 3.04f;

Current consensus on the cf-satellite mailing list

Some attributes names


  • project

Name of the scientific project(s) for which the data was created. Use as needed. If available, select a project name from the NASA GCMD Project Keywords list (see PDF reference or copy from TXT).

  • platform

Keywords for the platforms that contribute to the dataset. Select keywords from the NASA GCMD Platform Keywords list as applicable (see PDF reference or copy from TXT).

  • instrument

Keywords for the instruments that contribute to the dataset. Select keywords from the NASA GCMD Instrument Keywords list as applicable (see PDF reference or copy from TXT).

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