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2006 Boulder Meeting Agenda

Workshop Agenda

Sunday Evening, October 15

Reception starting at 6:30 pm at the Boulder Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Monday, October 16

9:00 Welcome: Sandra Petrie (Unidata)

9:10 Introduction: Frank Aikman (NOAA/CSDL) and around the room

9:20 Overview of Workshop Goals and Unstructured Metadata Standards in Use Today: Straw man Example: Tom Gross (NOAA/CSDL)

9:40 Metadata standards in the IOOS Context: Steve Hankin (NOAA/PMEL and IOOS/DMAC)

10:10 Break

10:30 Important Aspects of the CF Conventions and Unidata Common Data Model: John Caron and Russ Rew (UCAR Unidata)

11:00 Breakout Session 1: Morning Theme: Developing a Common Vision of Needs

Breakout sessions will discuss the extent of the vision of standards for irregular grids. What uses will a mesh standard have? How will it enhance the utility of ocean models to meet societal needs? How will visualization and web-services be improved by adoption of grid standards? How far a field from hydrodynamic modeling should we venture? Can a single system of hierarchical descriptions be devised to contain all of our needs? Where are the possible pitfalls and unsurpassable obstacles to this approach?

12:30 Lunch (provided)

1:30 Grids, Meshes and Mosaics: V. Balaji (NOAA/GFDL)

1:50 XMDF Data Specification and API in Support of Structured and Unstructured Data: Robert Wallace (USACE, ERDC-CHL-MS) and Alan Zundel (BYU)

2:10 Breakout Session 2: Afternoon Theme: Grids in Great Detail

Breakout sessions will explore the complexities which must be included in an advanced grid spec. An emphasis should be placed on anticipating future needs and capabilities which exceed our present ability to work with and visualize model results. What requirements guided the development of existing irregular mesh models?

4:30 General Discussion and Recap of the Day

Tuesday, October 17

9:00 Plenary: Compare concrete results of breakouts and evening brainstorms

9:20 Users Often Need More Information About the Model Than You Think They Do: CJ Beegle-Krause and Chris Barker (NOAA/HAZMAT)

9:40 The importance of the API: some lessons from CF conventions for structured grids: Rich Signell (USGS) and CGNS: Thomas Hauser (USU)

10:00 Break

10:15 Breakout Session 3: Morning theme: A core of conventions that can be regarded as a community starting point

Discussions will center on what core conventions can be adopted to start the process of integrating irregular mesh standards into modeling work. How will the more complex attributes of other grids be integrated into future specifications? Can an initial subset be described which is useful and agreed upon? What organizational structures will be needed to assure the adoption and future development of the standards?

12:00 Lunch (provided)

1:00 General Discussion

1:30 Breakout Session 4: Afternoon Theme: What’s left? What’s the next step?

4:30 Reports from breakout groups: Action to be taken, next steps

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