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2006 Boulder workshop Power Points

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Overview of Workshop Goals and Unstructured Metadata Standards in Use Today: Straw man Example:

Tom Gross (NOAA/CSDL)

Metadata standards in the IOOS Context:

Steve Hankin (NOAA/PMEL and IOOS/DMAC)

Important Aspects of the CF Conventions and Unidata Common Data Model:

John Caron and Russ Rew (UCAR Unidata)

Grids, Meshes and Mosaics:

V.Balaji (NOAA/GFDL)

XMDF Data Specification and API in Support of Structured and Unstructured Data:

Robert Wallace (USACE, ERDC-CHL-MS) and Alan Zundel (BYU)

Users Often Need More Information About the Model Than You Think They Do:

CJ Beegle-Krause and Chris Barker (NOAA/HAZMAT)

The importance of the API: some lessons from CF conventions for structured grids:

Rich Signell (USGS) and CGNS: Thomas Hauser (USU)

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