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    22== Boulder Workshop Breakout Session Notes ==
    4 Group 3 Breakouts 1-3 plus all Groups in Breakout 4
     4'''Breakout Session One: Developing a Common Vision of Needs'''
     5Breakout One will discuss the extent of the vision of standards for irregular grids.
     6 1.     What uses will a mesh standard have?
     7 1.     How will it enhance the utility of ocean models to meet societal needs?
     8 1.     How will visualization and web-services be improved by adoption of grid standards?
     9 1.     How far a field from hydrodynamic modeling should we venture?
     10 1.     Can a single system of hierarchical metadata be devised to contain all of our needs? (netCDF 3 context)
     11 1.     Where are the possible pitfalls and unsurpassable obstacles to this approach?
     12 1. Summary Question:  What are the essential usage requirements for a standard?
     14'''Breakout Session Two:   Grids in Great Detail'''
     15Breakout Two will consider some of the complexities that must be included in an advanced grid spec. 
     16 1.     What requirements guided the development of existing irregular mesh models?
     17 2.     List the objects and hierarchical connectivity that will describe the grids.
     18 3.     An emphasis should be placed on anticipating future needs and capabilities that exceed our present ability to work with and visualize model results. 
     19 4.     Do supported file formats affect aspects of the proposed data models?
     20 1. Summary Question: Are we able to put forth a comprehensive list of the quantities and design specifications?  What will that contain?
     22'''Breakout Session Three:   Core of conventions that can be regarded as a community starting point'''
     23Breakout Three discussions will center on what core conventions can be adopted to start the process of integrating irregular mesh standards into modeling work. 
     24 1.     Can an initial “minimal” metadata for simple irregular grids be described that is useful and agreed upon? 
     25 2.     How will the more complex attributes of other grids be integrated into future specifications? 
     26 3.     What organizational structures are needed to assure the adoption and future development of the standards? 
     27 4.     Is there agreement on file formats to support?
     28 5.     Is there an expansion path?
     29 1. Summary Question:  Does our path to agree upon and build a specification seem clear?