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Unstructured Grids Task Lists

Explainations and links back to the task lists and open tickets

Milestone One: Build the Wiki Page

  1. Create the wiki pages on CF pages
  2. Populate with files from the older site
  3. Add full suite of example CDL's
  4. Create area for free discussion of methods

Mileston Two: Vocubulary of Unstructured Grids

  1. Make a partial list
  2. Find Synonyms from other sources, XMDF, CGNS etc.
  3. Vote on a restricted vocubulary
  4. Register with the MMI to create translations

Milestone Three: Example CDLs

  1. Survey the world of unstructured models and make a page of links
  2. Output file examples from multiple hydrodynamic models
  3. Input file examples for multiple graphics packages

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