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Unstructured Grids Task Lists

Explanations and links back to the task lists and open tickets. This page should eventually contain wikiword links to the results.

Milestone 1: Build the Communications Tools

  1. Create the wiki pages on CF pages
  2. Populate with files from the older site
  3. Add full suite of example CDL's
  4. Create area for free discussion of methods
  5. Email the group abou the wiki
    1. Instructions to join and participate

Milestone: Vocubulary of Unstructured Grids

  1. Make a partial list
  2. Find Synonyms from other sources, XMDF, CGNS etc.
  3. Vote on a restricted vocubulary
  4. Register with the MMI to create translations
  5. Vector and tensor naming issues

Milestone: Collect Example CDLs

  1. Survey the world of unstructured models and make a page of links
  2. Output file examples from multiple hydrodynamic models
    1. Quoddy, Tom Gross UgCdlQuoddy?
    2. ADCIRC, Jesse Feyen, Rick Luettich
    3. FVCOM, David Stuebe
    4. UnTRIM, Mike Piasecki
    5. ELCIRC/SELFE Bill Howe
    6. HYCOM Carlos Lozano (Ashwanth)
    7. ROMS, R. Signell
    8. POM, Tal Ezar
    9. TIDE2D/3D Roy Walters
    10. RiCOM, Roy Walters
    11. MikeFV DHI, Ole Petersen
    12. RMA Alan Zundel
  3. Input file examples for multiple graphics packages
    1. NCL, Dave Brown
    2. Visit LLNL, David Stuebe
    3. Ferret & LAS, Steve Hankin
    4. Arc GIS, Nazila
    5. IDV, Don Murray
    6. Matlab, Tom Gross, R Signell

Milestone: Data Model

  1. Discussion Group for development
  2. List server for this group.
    1. V. Balaji, John Caron, Rob Wallace, Alan Zundel, Thomas Hauser, Dave Stuebe, Jason Chaffey
  3. Develop Data Model Description in:
    1. UML
    2. OpeNDAP DDS
    3. NetCDF CDL

Milestone: Draft Level One Standard

  1. Based on Simple CDL (T.Gross's HYDRONetCDF)
  2. Generalize CDL to include edge variables
  3. Add standard names decided in Milestone: Vocubulary

Milestone: External Information Surveys

  1. Survey of many existing Models
  2. Investigate CGNS
  3. Investigate XMDF

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