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CF Metadata Wiki

Data Model Development

The data model development activities are taking place at DataModelling

Unstructured Grid Standards

Wiki Pages pertaining to the Unstructured Grid Workshop Start Here: UnstructuredGrids

UgridCf ported from Deltares

Bryan Lawrence's FreeMindMap from GO-ESSP 2006, Livermore.

Proposed conventions for MultipleProjections

Proposed conventions for describing EnsembleMembers?

Proposals to extend Grid Mapping and add CRS: GridMappingAndCrs

Proposed Point Observation Conventions: PointObservationConventions

Proposal for namespace tagging of attribute names (ticket #27): NamespaceTagsForAttributeNames

Proposed conventions for SatelliteData

Mapping from CF Grid Mapping Attributes to CRS WKT Elements: Cf2CrsWkt

Standard Name Grammar

Pages relating to the possible development of a grammar for Standard Names, starting at StandardNameGrammar

Drafts for ticket 107

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