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A CellMeasure describes a measurement or parameter for cells within a domain; one is commonly used where the defined measure is not inferable from coordinates.

A cell measure construct provides information about the size of the cells defined by an ordered list of one or more domain axes of the field. Where provided, the measure should be used in preference to calculating such a measure from other metadata.

A CellMeasure | cell measure construct must contain:

  • A measure property, which indicates the metric of the domain it supplies (see <reference to properties>).
  • A units property, consistent with the measure property (see <reference to properties>).
  • A typed numeric array of metric values:
    • the array shape is determined by the relevant subset of the domain axes in the order listed.

A CellMeasure | cell measure construct may contain further properties (see <reference to properties>).


In CF-netCDF files, CellMeasures | cell measure constructs correspond to variables named by the cell_measures attribute of the data variable.